Luigi Battaglioli

Life Lessons: Love and Compassion

Written by Luigi Battaglioli · 08/23/2019

Love and compassion

I've had a bit of a rough past week, and I haven't learned much in regards to technical programming stuff. However, I've learned a lot about love this week, and I've made some important realizations. I started writing this post while I was at Ellis Hospital, the day my grandpa had to have open heart surgery. 

I sat in the waiting room for about 6 hours, with my grandma, my mom and my uncle. We sat there waiting for the little buzzer to go off indicating that my grandpa was out of surgery and in the ICU. That was one of the longest days of my life. Every so often, a doctor wearing scrubs would walk into the waiting area and would talk to one of the many families waiting in the room, and deliver them some news. Every time I saw a surgeon walk in, my heart sank a bit and I felt like I was going to throw up because I was scared that we would be the family he talked to and I was scared he would have been coming to bring bad news. 

However, after those 6 long hours passed, no surgeon had to come talk to us, the buzzer buzzed, and we quickly went upstairs into the cardiac ICU. It was pretty difficult walking in and seeing my grandpa laying there, unconscious with about ten different IV bags hanging above his head. He had tubes coming out of his body, and looked like he was so uncomfortable.

I've since spent pretty much every day this week at the hospital with my grandma, visiting with my grandpa and making sure he's okay, and doing his exercises. Every day I'm there, he gets increasingly better, and it makes me optimistic to see that. 

This is him walking on his Birthday. He went a full lap around the ICU. (275 feet)

This is him walking on his Birthday. He went a full lap around the ICU. (275 feet)

For a long time however, I found that had a really hard time visiting my grandparents. The reason for this was solely because my social and political beliefs and opinions differed a great deal from theirs. 

My grandpa is a little racist, xenophobic, supports Trump, and is a far-right conservative. I however, am more liberal and don't agree with a lot of the things he supports. I've realized however, that my political ideologies have caused me to neglect my grandparents and not give them the love they deserve from me. 

I only have my grandparents on my mom's side, and never got to meet my dad's parents. My grandparents do so much to love and support me, and I've realized that I've neglected them solely because I dislike racist people and disagree with Trump.

I think that is what's wrong with our political system today. It intentionally divides us, and pits us against one another. It replaces love and compassion with anger and hatred. I'm not saying I hate my grandpa because he's racist, I hate how it caused me to neglect him. He has his own belief's, that he is totally entitled to. While it may be a belief that I disagree with, he's still my grandpa, and he's still a funny person, and a caring person, and I love him to pieces; he's my grandpa! His health isn't that great and I want to be around him as much as I possibly can before it gets any worse.