Luigi Battaglioli

Hi, I'm Luigi.

I donโ€™t have a brother named Mario, so thereโ€™s really no need to ask.

Oh, and while you're here:

Go read my words

What do I do, you ask?


Iโ€™ve been a big fan of programming computers ever since I was a lil' booger. The process of creating something out of nothing has always been what I loved most about it.


I love to write. I donโ€™t really write about anything in particular, just whateverโ€™s bouncing around in my head. You can check out mah blog if you're interested, and I'd love it if you did. Feedback is welcomed, as I'm certain there are dozens of typos and grammatical errors!


Having grown up in a big Italian family, and worked in a handful of restaurants only to make minimum wage, Iโ€™ve grown to love food and I've grown to enjoy cooking it even more. I hope to share my experiences with you through interesting recipes, techniques, and the like!


Currently, I am a full time student. I attend a lovely little academic institution called Hudson Valley Community College where I'm studying computer science. It's very prestigious.


Lately, I've been enthralled with stocks, investing, and economics. It's all super interesting to me and I could talk about it for hours. Hell, I'm actually thinking of starting a podcast about it!

And that's me, in a nutshell.